Posted by: The Good Samaritan | January 19, 2012


As Segway bike transport spreads the paths become more congested and dangerous for the majority of visitors who prefer to see Prague at its best ON FOOT! The safest, healthiest and best way to see all the sites and details that this magical city has to offer is by foot! With a great and efficient tram system for those who do not want to take the longer walks why SEGWAY?

It seems that it is another cool gimmick that attracts mainly the younger (lazy) visitors looking for another distraction from using their best method (feet) to see all the intricate sites and sounds of this ancient city. It is not even the safest form of transport and several times I have witnessed riders hitting each others wheels and falling off endangering nearby walkers. How can you watch where you are going, avoid pedestrians AND enjoy the architectural details and wonders of Prague as you would when walking at your own pace?

In many cities Segways are rightly banned except for special use in controlled areas. I hope that soon they will also be banned here as an unnecessary, dangerous and impractical means of transport. WALKING is and always will be the best way to take in the many sites that this city has to offer.


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