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What do most 1st time visitors need to allow them to get the most from their visit?


Over the last year I have realised that no one (except me) is offering the 1st time visitor on their first day exactly what they want and would get the most benefit from!

If you have been to Prague before then one of my walking tours would be an ideal way to spend half a day and get a more detailed knowledge and better appreciate the beauty and intricacies of this wonderful city.

But recently I have been offering my ORIENTATION TOUR of the Old and New Town with practical info and tips, a stop for coffee at a special place and a review of the map. As well as giving basic historic and cultural information about the main sites and buildings, I also advise and explain some of the following that are always to the fore of a tourists mind when in a strange city for the first time:

* Where to change your money at the best rates and not get stung!

* Warnings about taxis and an explanation of how to use the wonderful tram service to get around.

* Some interesting local cafes and restaurants away from the typical tourist ones where you can mix with the locals and be surprised at the great prices!

* The best places to stop for a drink with a great view or a beautiful interior etc.

* The best places to get genuine Bohemian crystal and other Czech souvenirs (not along the Royal Mile between Charles Bridge and Old Town Square!)

When I leave you and you go off exploring on your own, you will have a much better idea where you want to go, how to get around and what you want to see in more detail as well as where to eat depending on your budget and tastes! I am combining some of the historic and background info that a local guide will give you with more useful and practical info and a great ORIENTATION to the city! You then feel more like a local and less like a tourist ready to be taken advantage of and pay more than needed at the wrong place! Your experience will be a much more enjoyable one and also you will spend less than you imagined at the start.


Historic Beautiful Cafes and great prices!

I encourage most of my visitors to join me in one of the wonderful historic cafes I specially choose during one of my Prague Tours. I also use the time to go over the map and what we have and will be seeing to give them a good overview and orientation.

Whatever your taste I know the places: art nouveau interiors, unique cubist architecture, best cakes, best value full of locals….I share much more with you than simply the history and culture of this amazing city! Join me soon for a unique and individual tour with a difference!

NoWay SegWay!!

As Segway bike transport spreads the paths become more congested and dangerous for the majority of visitors who prefer to see Prague at its best ON FOOT! The safest, healthiest and best way to see all the sites and details that this magical city has to offer is by foot! With a great and efficient tram system for those who do not want to take the longer walks why SEGWAY?

It seems that it is another cool gimmick that attracts mainly the younger (lazy) visitors looking for another distraction from using their best method (feet) to see all the intricate sites and sounds of this ancient city. It is not even the safest form of transport and several times I have witnessed riders hitting each others wheels and falling off endangering nearby walkers. How can you watch where you are going, avoid pedestrians AND enjoy the architectural details and wonders of Prague as you would when walking at your own pace?

In many cities Segways are rightly banned except for special use in controlled areas. I hope that soon they will also be banned here as an unnecessary, dangerous and impractical means of transport. WALKING is and always will be the best way to take in the many sites that this city has to offer.


Did you know that if you take a hop, step and a jump away from the main tourist route between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge (The Royal Mile)you will be delighted to find some small souvenir shops selling genuine Czech products at realistic prices. Why frequent the often Russian owned shops full of the same cheap souvenirs at high prices and low quality. Then refresh yourself with a beer away from the main tourist paths at half the price! David shows you the best places as part of his ORIENTATION TOURS and also recommends good places to eat or take a drink.


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