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This is the first of many articles I will be writing about travel and tourism in general in addition to specific information about Czech, Prague and neighbouring cities. Please feel free to contribute or make comments.

The internet has allowed small tour organisers and travel experts like myself to attract a select number of individual travellers and tourists as well as small groups, through TRAVEL BLOGS and BOOKING SITES such as this.

Individuals and small companies who live in the city are able to offer a different kind of tourism service but also compete with the big boys who offer more standardised tours and bookings who are often not based on the spot. This means travellers can gain from a more local and personalised experience when planning their trip and booking any tours or designing a travel itinerary. Experienced travel and tours leaders like myself can offer the visitor a service that is more geared to their individual needs, interests and budget. This can also mean the visitors experience many visits, activities and restaurants that they would not normally be able to enjoy without being a local!

Many tourists are now more selective and demanding with the spread of online tourism and all the info that is available online allowing them to pick and choose much more than before and learn a lot before they arrive in their chosen destination. Local travel experts and planners such as myself are well positioned to meet this challenge and not only satisfy the expectations and wishes of the travellers but also give them many inside tips and show them unusual places and activities that they would not normally have enjoyed or known about.

Prague Looks even more Amazing from a Baloon!

Prague Looks Even Better from a Baloon!


This also applies to ACCOMMODATION whether this be in a hotel, hostel or apartment. Being on the spot and working with selected hotels allows me to establish a good relationship with them and secure the best up to date deals and rates. I do not supply another endless list of 2,3,4 and 5 star hotels but select the best for a reason which may be LOCATION, QUALITY of SERVICE, VALUE FOR MONEY, FRIENDLY SERVICE, UNIQUE OR HISTORIC CHARACTER etc.. or a combo of all where possible. If I get a bad review or there is a change of management I will either make sure any problems do not happen again or cancel my links with the accommodation provider. I am able to offer the best selected hotels in all categories including design/boutique hotels and flats. I then make valid suggestions that fit your preferences and budget. If you find a better price online I will at once contact the hotel and ask for a better offer or a room upgrade! I do not want my visitors to feel they are paying a premium for my services and understand that I must be competitive and offer UNIQUE programmes and services.

RiversideBotel for a Unique Romantic Hotel Option!

PERSONAL TOUCHES are easy when you live in the city and understand the needs of your visitors wanting them to feel like honoured guests who will want to return to make new discoveries that they had no time for during their first visit! Will your large International Travel Agent make up a package of welcome info for you on arrival….much more than the usual map and TOURS BROCHURE!? I doubt it. Will your guide stop at a selected local cafe of beauty and historic interest and not only share the info with you but offer you a nice coffee at the end of the tour? Prague has a small list of amazing cafes from the 19th century that many tourists miss or are not aware of.  Did you know that the Czech Cubist movement is unique and you can even enjoy a cubist cake at this special cafe?! A small example of local v global tourism.

So what are you waiting for….even if you do not make advance accommodation and tour itinerary bookings with me at least allow me to share one of my


Much more than a tour….I also give you many tips and advice like:

where to change money

what kind of local tourist souvenir shops to visit

which pubs are also full of locals meaning the price is right and the beer good!

Your LOCAL experience and insider knowledge means more enjoyment and also a saving in costs!

Smetana Concert Hall is one of several excellent Music Venues

Smetana Hall is one of several excellent Concert Halls


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