Hi David

Visiting a legendary city such as Prague for the first time can be amazing, and also a little daunting. In a short time, how can you find something of the soul of the place, something beyond just ticking off a few ‘Key Tourist Sites’ off a list? In our case, the 4 of us booked a tour with David Fowler (Jennifer has a knack for finding good people and great places), and it was a wonderful, informative, well-paced day. He showed us some of the ‘Must Sees’, but also has a real knack for sharing a wealth of great places (and information and stories) that feel like something cool the ‘locals’ keep to themselves. Enjoying a cool pilsener in a rooftop hideaway, with the bustle of the city below us, marvelling at the ‘wide-screen’ view of this gorgeous city–we raised a toast to David, who had, for that day, made us feel very much at home in Prague.

We do hope to come back, and get to tour with you on some of your other jaunts;

Thank you David, you’re an Ace!

Sincerely, MIchael Stein

Not only did David treat the four of us to a grand day of Prague beauty and history he spent more time with Michael and I when we saw him the next day as we were sipping coffee at a local cafe. His generosity was above and beyond ! We can’t wait to return to Prague !

Thank you so much David !

Allison Barnes Seattle Wa.


Written by Joan in the UK:

We decided to leave our husbands behind so we could not only explore the cultural and architectural wonders of Prague but also enjoy some of the shopping experiences and visit the many wonderful historic and art nouveau cafes! David was a very personal, knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour leader and after a great orientation tour of the main sites he led us to a relaxing and beautiful cafe with the best cakes in the city! He also organised tickets for an evening church concert and even booked our hotel in an A1 location just behind Tyn Church.

After our orientation tours and all the local tips and advice David gave us we felt ready to explore the city and visit a local brewery by ourselves. We saved a lot of time and money by taking two of the Orientation Tours at the start of our trip. We also knew the location of the best places to buy crystal, local Czech souvenirs and find a good glass of Czech wine! Next time we are going to also book with David when returning with our husbands……..with a bit less shopping!

Joan Meyer UK


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