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Half Day Prague Orientation Tours (approx. 3 hours)

CUSTOM MADE FRIENDLY TOURS that perfectly match your interests and time frame!


NEW – based on demand! The most POPULAR and USEFUL start to your stay in Prague!


What do most 1st time visitors need to allow them to get the most from their visit?


Over the last year I have realised that no one (except me) is offering the 1st time visitor on their first day exactly what they want and would get the most benefit from!

If you have been to Prague before then one of my walking tours would be an ideal way to spend half a day and get a more detailed knowledge and better appreciate the beauty and intricacies of this wonderful city.

But recently I have been offering my ORIENTATION TOUR of the Old and New Town with practical info and tips, a stop for coffee at a special place and a review of the map. As well as giving basic historic and cultural information about the main sites and buildings, I also advise and explain some of the following that are always to the fore of a tourists mind when in a strange city for the first time:

* Where to change your money at the best rates and not get stung!

* Warnings about taxis and an explanation of how to use the wonderful tram service to get around.

* Some interesting local cafes and restaurants away from the typical tourist ones where you can mix with the locals and be surprised at the great prices!

* The best places to stop for a drink with a great view or a beautiful interior etc.

* The best places to get genuine Bohemian crystal and other Czech souvenirs (not along the Royal Mile between Charles Bridge and Old Town Square!)

When I leave you and you go off exploring on your own, you will have a much better idea where you want to go, how to get around and what you want to see in more detail as well as where to eat depending on your budget and tastes!  You then feel more like a local and less like a tourist. Your experience will be a much more enjoyable one and also you will spend less than you imagined at the start.



If you have been to Prague before or perhaps already taken my ORIENTATION TOUR,  Prague Unique Tours has 3 half day introductory tours to choose from (if you have time do them all!), that will give you a great overview and orientation of the main sites and layout of this beautiful city. We also have a FULL DAY tour, evening tours and special theme or mix and match from our TOP 100!

If time allows (or your next visit) you can then select from our top 100 list of main sites and places of interest and entertainment and we will put together the perfect itinerary to suit your interests and time frame! We have included many less well known places and also some that cater to specialist interests or themes such as Prague’s wonderful Art Nouveau Buildings etc.

1. Prague Lesser Town (Mala Strana) – just below the castle.

The Lesser Town was founded in 1257 on the slopes bellow the Prague castle and it is the part of Prague least affected by recent history. The walking tour starts at the steps in front of the RUDOLFINUM just near the Staromestska Tram Stop (17/18 Trams and near to the metro).

Walk down to the KLEMENTINUM and cross CHARLES BRIDGE passing two of the old towers until we reach MALOSTRANSKE NAMESTI.

Our walk along NERUDOVA STREET allows us to learn of the history and names of many of these old houses through the signs (street numbering was introduced after 1770). The street was named after the poet Jan Neruda whose family lived here.

Back at Malostranske Namesti we have a quick coffee break before seeing the Baroque ST.NICHOLAS CHURCH founded by the Jesuits in 1703. Highlights include the dome fresco and the organ played by Mozart in 1787.

Next we head down Karmelitska Street stopping briefly to see the CHURCH OF OUR LADY VICTORIOUS (early Baroque Carmelite Order). The church is famous for the Prague Bambino – a wax figure of the infant Jesus presented to the church in 1628.

We end the tour at the Monument to the victims of Communism and also have a view of the HUNGER WALL.

From here if you have more time and the weather is good you can take the Funicular (or walk) up to the PETRIN TOWER and park for a great panorama of Prague. Or take a tram back across the Legii Bridge towards Narodni area and the OLD TOWN.

2. Prague Old Town (Stare Mesto)

Mentioned in 1091, it is the oldest of the towns of Prague and gained the privileges of a town in the 13th century. However, its name dates back to the 14th century when the New Town was founded. The centre of the Old Town has always been the Old Town Square dominated by the Church of Our Lady of Týn and the Town Hall.We start the tour at NAM.REPUBLIKY in front of the POWDER GATE tower.

After a quick look at the MUNICIPAL HOUSE (important Art Nouveau building), we proceed along CELETNA STREET.  Celetna street is a part of the ROYAL ROUTE– the coronation route of Czech kings that ends at PRAGUE CASTLE.  This street was named after plaited bread rolls that used to be baked there in the past. The street is decorated with many house signs that used to serve as a mark to tell the houses apart. Probably the most famous building in Celetna street is HOUSE OF THE BLACK MADONNA(no. 34). It was the first cubist building in Europe and houses a permanent exhibition of Czech Cubism as well as Czech and international art (go back and enjoy a drink at the unique Cubist Café!). House 3 is connected with the youth of the most famous Czech writer Franz Kafka and you will learn of other interesting stories and facts connected to these houses.

Next you arrive at one of the most famous and amazing squares in Europe – OLD TOWN SQUARE. Our visit will include a chance to see the famous ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK strike on the hour.

Next we visit the Church of our Lady of Tyn that dominates one side of the square. The Gothic exterior houses a Baroque interior. The TYN CHURCH was founded in 1385 during a period when the Hussites were being slaughtered by the ruling Catholics.

After a quick look at the St.NICHOLAS baroque church (hosts many concerts) we explore some of the side streets off the square and these include Parizska (Jewish Quarter and the most elegant street in the city), Marianske Namesti, Husova, Michalska.

Finally we learn about the history of BETLEMSKE NAMESTI and it’s CHAPEL before ending the tour with a well-deserved drink at Café Café (some of the best cakes in the city!). Now you are just a few minutes from Mustek and Wenceslas Square.

3. Discover The Less Visited and Unusual Sites of Prague!

This tour takes you to some of the less well-known parts of Prague and you will learn some interesting facts and see some surprising sites.We start the tour at the DANCING HOUSE just opposite the Jiraskuv Bridge.

We then walk along the river to Palackeho Namesti and visit EMAUZY church and MONASTERY.

The Monastery Na Slovanech is bound to the famous emperor Charles IV for its foundation (1347). The ruler invited hither Slavic Benedictine monks from Dalmatia and Croatia. The area became the only Slavonic monastery of the entire empire. The liturgical language to be preached in it was an ancient predecessor of Czech. We learn about the Hussites, Jan Hus and the religious struggles that took place here and in Prague. It was and still is also a perfect place for lovers of art – there are the wall paintings in the Church of Our Lady, which belong to the most valuable Gothic relics. There are also the Gothic cloisters with mural paintings portraying scenes from the Old and the New Testament.

The Second World War air-raid destroyed the church but luckily the monastery was restored. This valuable representative of Prague modern architecture is made out of white concrete. The EMAUZ DEVIL supposedly haunts the monastery! (There are several other major MONASTERIES in Prague if you are interested in a SPECIAL TOUR).

Next we visit the most ancient site of VYSEHRAD on the hill overlooking the river and central Prague.

The traditions of this mysterious site are bound up with many legends. A fortified settlement appeared at Vyšehrad sometime during the 10th century. Vratislav II (1061-1092) chose Vyšehrad as his royal residence, building a permanent palace more suited to the aspirations of the Bohemian rulers. During the Hussite Wars, however, the whole royal precinct was destroyed. From the mid-17th century onwards Vyšehrad became a Baroque fortress with its own military garrison, and remained under military jurisdiction until 1911 when it was made over to the city.  Today Vyšehrad retains its atmosphere of magic and mystery. It offers visitors one of the most beautiful urban panoramas of bygone Europe, quiet parks for relaxation, and true cultural and spiritual inspiration.

After visiting the ST. PETER & PAUL CHURCH we pass along the right side for a great view of Prague.

If time and interest allow we will also visit the The Vyšehrad cemetery and Slavín where over 600 leading Czech personalities from the worlds of culture and education are buried, including A. Dvořák, B. Smetana, K. Čapek, A. Mucha, B. Němcová.

To end the tour we will take a drink in the café terrace (summer) and can return to the centre by the  metro.

Full Day Prague Orientation Tour (approx. 6 hours)

The ideal walking tour for those either with limited time or who want to get a good idea of the layout of the city and what places/sites they wish to return to for a visit. This will include a break for lunch or a snack depending on the start time. We will stop for short explanations and photos en route but normally this tour will not include visits to any museums or sites. We start this tour at PRAGUE CASTLE at the SUMMER PALACE in the back of the CASTLE complex near the tram 22/23 stop.

We walk past the ORANGERY and BALL GAME HALL and across the moat to the main PRAGUE CASTLE grounds noting the Powder Tower. Just opposite the ARCHBISHOP’S PALACE we see the PRESIDENTIAL GUARDS and enter the 3 courtyards of the main PALACE complex. In the 3rd courtyard we see the OLD PRIORY and have a quick look inside the most impressive CATHEDRAL OF ST.VITUS. We then pass the convent and BASILICA OF ST.GEORGE (optional walk along GOLDEN LANE).

Before leaving the castle complex we enjoy a great panorama of Prague and descend the steps to KLAROV. After a coffee break we are soon walking across CHARLES BRIDGE and stop for photos and a brief explanation of the statues etc. If time and weather allow and there is no line we can climb up the tower at the eastern entry to the bridge for a good panorama view.

Passing along the Royal Procession route (and all the tourist shops) we soon reach OLD TOWN SQUARE where we will see the ASTRONOMICAL CLOCK and main sites and churches of this wonderful complex of buildings from all centuries.

After a lunch break (or drinks depending what time the tour began) at Café Café or a nearby café, we explore some of the areas near Old Town Square including CELETNA STREET, POWDER TOWER and MUNICIPAL HOUSE.

After a walk along Na Prikope we visit the medieval square and chapel of BETLEMSKE. We end the tour in NEW TOWN by walking up WENCESLAS SQUARE passing many interesting Art Nouveau period buildings until we reach the horse statue of King Wenceslas and memorial to Jan Palach who burned himself. The impressive building at the top of the square is MUZEUM which houses the NATIONAL MUSEUM. Here we end the tour and perhaps you want to walk up to nearby VINOHRADY and enjoy a drink or a meal at one of the many cafes/bars to end a full day!


One of the most interesting areas for eating is Prague 2 (Vinohrady) but there are also many bars, clubs and restaurants in Prague 1 and other areas that you may want to experience and visit.

Prague Unique Tours can take you on several different evening tours that can include dinner or just some drinks depending on when you start.


** PRAGUE BY NIGHT TOUR of the main sights enjoying the wonderful views and lit buildings and bridges and stopping for a drink en route of course!

** DINNER followed by a visit to several bars and/or clubs – gay, straight or whatever takes your fancy we can advise you of the best and most interesting places!

** LATE NIGHT CLUB TOUR visiting several different clubs according to your tastes and needs.


We can organize architectural, art, religious, musical, café tours and many others or you can mix and match by choosing your favourite sites from our TOP 100 and we will devise the perfect itinerary!


TOUR PC – UNIQUE A2Z  TOUR of PRAGUE CASTLE SITE                  (3 hours)

A complete walking tour of the whole PRAGUE CASTLE complex passing all main sites, buildings, monuments and gardens with a chance to choose 2 of the most interesting to visit in more detail.

Many standard guided tours only focus on the obvious and main sites as you pass by many that are of equal interest but not mentioned.

** Gain a better understanding and appreciation of the largest castle grounds in Europe.

** Be surprised by how many churches, palaces, towers and chapels are in this huge complex!

** You will be bowled over by the size, complexity and beauty of the castle grounds as you learn about the many stories, struggles and tragedies that happened here over the last 1000 years.

** You will probably wish to return for further visits to some of the museums, churches, palaces and exhibitions that you will learn about.

We end the tour with a walk through the LORETA SHRINE complex of buildings built in Baroque style and a look at the CERNIN PALACE which is now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After a panoramic view of the city we descend by the steps to MALA STRANA where you can take the tram or a taxi to your next destination.


An Amazing Baroque complex of chapels, cloisters, treasuries and a unique Bell Tower!

Get ready to be blown away by this large complex of buildings with 7 chapels – and you probably would never have even heard of it let alone visited it unless you came on a PRAGUE UNIQUE TOUR!

Prague Loreta was inspired by the Casa Santa built in Mikulov. Countess Katerina Benigna of Lobkowicz admired it so much, that she had the Loreta Shrine built in Prague and it was consecrated in 1631.

Prague’s Loreto, known simply as the Loreta in Czech, is referred to as a sanctuary or a palace. But what is the Loreto? The Loreto is a religious pilgrimage site that was built in commemoration of the legend of a cottage said to have been the home of the Virgin Mary, which was transported with divine help to Loreto, Italy, centuries before Prague’s 18th century Loreto was built. To promote Catholicism, dozens of copies of the Loreto were erected in the Bohemian region.

Just look at some of the treasures and sites awaiting you:

** The famous Loreta bell tower and chime.

** The treasury with the Prague Sun Diamond Monstrance of 6000 diamonds made in 1699!

** The Casa Santa surrounded by 6 chapels.

** The rococo Church of Nativity

** End with a look at the nearby Capuchin Monastery (the monks look after the Loreta Shrine) andCernin Palace.


PPT TOUR:    Prague Panoramas and Towers Tour – bring your cameras – weather dependent tour!

Prague Panoramas & Towers Tour

NGA TOUR:  Prague National Galleries – 8 centuries of Art!

The Master of Czech Art Alfons MUCHA

RT TOUR:     Religion Tour of either Prague’s Churches or Monasteries/Religious Complexes.

Prague is Full of Religious Symbols, Churches, Monasteries

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