Why Visit Budapest?

I hope that these brief summaries of some of the obvious and more unusual visits and experiences you can enjoy in Prague’s nearby cities will help you make up your mind about your itinerary and what to include!


Another of our favourite Central European cities, Budapest is all you would expect of a historic, cultural European capital and much more!

Of course we sampled the famous Goulash, gypsy music, relaxation at one of the best city spas, a boat ride on the Danube, the wonderful views from Buda’s Gellert Hill of the Pest side of the city, dancing till the early hours etc. BUT we were surprised and delighted by the many other hidden glories, experiences and delights that this part of Hungary has to offer. Hard to know where to start but let me share a few of the many unusual activities that await our special guests:

What a great variety and choice of hotels from the height of luxury in a historic 1900’s building to a modern and riverside hotel. Do you like to have a spa in your hotel? How about a swimming pool, relaxation areas, saunas, steam bath, jacuzzis, a fitness room, tropical rain showers, Niagara bathtubs, mud baths, seaweed baths, as well as a variety of therapeutic and massage treatments?

After a busy day of sightseeing, museum hopping, exploring or shopping you have plenty of options for relaxation – the Turks left a wealth of Pools and Saunas so treat your body and soul to sublime rejuvenation in the steam rooms, icy pools, or hot spas and you’ll be ready to sample some great local food and for everything that Budapest can offer by night! Not a water person? Relax with a nice coffee and cake in one of the historic and unusual cafes or enjoy a glass of Hungarian wine in a small art nouveau bar!

After spending a day or two doing the must sees of Buda (Castle Hill and National Gallery, St.Matthias Church), and Pest (Andrassy Avenue, Heroes Square and the Opera House, St.Stephen’s Basilica, Houses of Parliament, Vaci Utca), you can enjoy some special and more surprising experiences.

How about trying:

  • a Helicopter ride over one of the most beautiful cities of Europe.
  • an exclusive cooking class ending with lunch where you eat what you prepared.
  • The Budapest Jewish Quarter – part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List – is alive again. During the tour full of stories, the history of central Europe’s largest Jewish community comes to life – restaurants, prayer rooms, ritual baths, kosher bakeries, synagogues of various sizes, cemeteries, butchers  – all imprints of a former, richer era.
  • Witness the amazing variety and beauty of Budapest’s most spectacular Art Nouveau buildings of the early 20th century including a visit to a local market with some special local treats to taste!
  • Leave the city for the day, (there is the Danube Bend excursion that is the most popular also of course), and enjoy a guided tour through the world’s largest porcelain factory at Herend started in 1826. Buy a beautiful piece or a complete set of china to marvel at and use at home. We next visit Lake Balaton, the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, scenically located at the foot of the volcanic hills. Enjoy a three-course lunch with wine in a traditional tavern.
    We complete the day with a drive to visit the oldest spa in Hungary, Balatonfured, before returning to Budapest.
  • Join the singers and dancers of the Hungarian Opera on the exclusive two- storey Operetta ship for an evening show, dinner and music! All kinds of music and even flamenco and belly dancers! See the lights and bridges beautifully illuminated. For the night owls dawn reaches you in the VIP area of one of the city’s grooviest open-air clubs.
  • Our last lunch had to be a visit to the Strudel House – thinking of deserts like Apple or Cherry Strudel was a mistake! What an experience to enjoy a complete meal around strudels (retes) with duck leg, grilled venison or salmon to start with! We could have even tried a dough-stretching/strudel making workshop but time ran out. So much to still see and experience during a future visit!

Budapest makes an ideal combo tour with Prague or Vienna or Krakow for those with a week or more to explore. Or we can take you to some other places in Hungary to visit castles, wineries, spa towns or hiking/bike days of exploration.

Wonderful Views of the Castle & Bridges at Night


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