Why Visit Prague?

A Bohemian Wonderland!

The magical city of 100 spires in the country of 100 castles! Prague and the Czech Republic are full of surprises and like most visitors you will wonder why you waited so long to discover the many wonders, surprises and variety waiting to be enjoyed in the seat of the Bohemian kings.

Wake up with a view of one of the most beautiful squares from your bedroom window and as you enjoy a hearty Czech breakfast realise that you were not dreaming! Old Town Square has not only the most amazing and oldest astronomical clock but also examples of all the main architectural styles from Romanesque to Art Nouveau. Come in December and enjoy a glass of hot wine as you listen to carols by the huge Christmas tree and shop for souvenirs in the special market!

As you walk from your hotel along the royal route of the Bohemian kings across Charles Bridge you will find it hard not to stop every few steps to record the array of spectacular sites and beautiful views.

You cannot miss a visit to the Prague castle and St. Vitus Cathedral, but we will walk you past all the main sites and only stop to visit the most interesting ones. Stop for lunch at an old brewery run by the monks of the Strahov Monastery just along from Prague Castle and enjoy some Czech dumplings along with the local beer. We can arrange some local music for you also. At the end of the day as you descend the hill of the largest castle complex in Europe, you can choose a glass of local wine at the vineyard as you sit taking in the ‘Lesser Town’ below with the river dividing it from the Old Town and New Town (only 600 years old!!), beyond. This marvellous panorama looks even better from an air balloon that you can ride over the river and the oldest European stone bridge – Charles Bridge named after Charles IVth.

My Favourite Boat Restaurant also has a Boatel!

After a day of history, culture, museum and church visits you deserve to enjoy the up to date and cool surprises that Prague has waiting for you at night! First maybe a little late night shopping in the new Palladium Shopping Centre – aside from the usual designer shops, cafes and boutiques you may want to buy some Bohemian crystal or a bottle of that special herbal drink, Becherovka! Be surprised by the huge variety of music on offer from church or castle concerts and opera to the latest techno or chill out sounds in the largest 5 floor music club in Europe right by Charles Bridge. Prague has something for all tastes and ages and the locals love to party and enjoy a few beers! If you want to stay up all night visit one of the special after hours clubs.

Transport Ready My Lord

Prague’s rich culture, wealth of interesting places to visit and things to do, extends to the many transport options. Why take a taxi or metro when there are so many choices? If you want to economise and avoid any traffic jams take one of the excellent trams that connect most places of interest. You can even take an original tram trip tour of the city. Or enjoy a tour in a vintage car or for the romantic, by horse and carriage! Want something more up to date – try a tour on a motorised stand up scooter called Segway! Of course there are boat tours down the river but also you can enjoy a special dinner cruise with all kinds of music. Finally there are many bike tours in and around Prague but everything is so compact that you can even be unoriginal and healthy and use those good old feet!

Want to enjoy a special last evening in one place. If you love architecture, design, music and good food you will be in heaven! Look no further than the most beautiful Art Nouveau building in the city – the Municipal House (Obecni Dum). Here you can enjoy a pre concert drink in the most elegant café before ascending to the beautiful concert hall and enjoying perhaps some music by Czech composers like Dvorak, Suk or Smetana. After the concert you can either descend to the famous brewery for a hearty Czech meal or dine in the most elegant 1900’s French restaurant upstairs! All in the same amazing building! To end the night enjoy some eastern music in the cool new Buddha Bar (also a deluxe hotel in the heart of the Old Town). Want to learn more about Prague’s intriguing history or mysteries – we recommend an entertaining and spooky Ghost Tour – after all Prague has miles of underground passageways and catacombs where many were laid to rest!

Prague caters to all ages and maybe you prefer more contemporary music and live sounds – don’t worry Prague will not let you down! At the end of the summer we had Madonna playing to 40000 in an outdoor stadium, Macy Gray singing at the new trendy dance club, Tiesto the famous DJ mixing his sounds, and Jazz sounds coming from the special night boat on the river!! To name a few events in this vibrant city.

Did you think that being far from the sea means you will miss a swim or some spa treatments? Far from it – Prague has some excellent spa hotels, an indoor and outdoor Olympic pool and one of the largest aqua parks in Europe! Take a day trip to Karlovy Vary a well established and elegant spa town near the German border or stay overnight in a 5 star historic spa hotel and be pampered!

Think you are at the end of your holiday as you leave Prague? Apart from the many historic and beautiful towns in the Czech Republic there are also 5 Central European cities to choose from to combine with Prague! All are a few hours away or a short flight. Budapest, Vienna, Berlin, Krakow or Munich make great combo city tours if you have time!

For those wanting a specialist or theme tour we can design a special itinerary to match your interests and time frame. Cultural examples would be Jewish History, Communist History and the changes to democracy, Art Nouveau Architecture and 20th century Art, Religious History etc.

We are impatiently waiting to welcome you to Central Europe and watch as you also wonder at the amazing variety of different activities, experiences and delights that this rich cultural wonderland offers its discerning visitors. There is so much to learn and experience and enjoy in such a short time –  we will help you to choose the experiences and visits that will mean the most to YOU and rest in your mind forever!

David will show you the Cafe With The Best View!



  1. Hi David, We are interested in doing some touring around Prague & the Czech Republic, Croatia etc next year.
    We are doing the Amsterdam – Budapest cruise & then spending some time in these places, but we do not fit into the age catagory that you usually deal with.
    Are there any similar sightseeing tours & walks for older people ( 60yrs) with interesting guides.
    Regards, Deirdre

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